Green Dot Corporation


I worked as a fully-remote User Experience Design intern at Green Dot Corporation from May to August 2022. Green Dot is a Banking as a Service (BaaS) company that is based in Pasadena, California. Their main goal is to provide more accessible banking options for underserved minority groups. They are most known for their pre-paid debit cards that can be found in many stores across the US. 

My work at Green Dot was about 50% user research and 50% user interface design. While I do not have any physical work I am able to show from my time at this company, I have compiled a list below of the tasks I completed as well as my takeaways from this position.

Design Tasks

  • Utilized Figma to create screen designs for websites and mobile apps
  • Created components in Figma for different states of interactable elements within interface designs
  • Prototyped screens in Figma and utilized smart animation elements
  • Replaced color palettes and design styles on existing Figma documents
  • Brainstormed logo ideas for new banking services

Research Tasks

  • Designed and sent out user research surveys and usability tests using
  • Utilized Microsoft Excel to track and analyze user survey and usability test results
  • Used Microsoft Word to create detailed documents of research findings
  • Created Microsoft Powerpoints of research results and presented them to marketing and development teams
  • Compiled highlight reels with videos of user feedback from testing


  • Learned how to utilize online tools for user test creation and completion
  • Learned how to create and use components in Figma
  • Expanded knowledge on Figma’s smart animate tool
  • Became more skilled at presenting to an audience
  • Improved collaboration skills by working with other interns in a combined customer journey research project
  • Learned about web/app development topics such as contrast requirements for digital platforms