Collabo is the first app that I designed and prototyped back in 2020. It is a mobile painting and social media app for IOS where users can add onto each other’s drawings. I took design inspiration from apps with similar premises such as Instagram and Deviantart. The mockups above were all designed using Adobe XD. 

Throughout the process of creating this app, I first wrote down the goals and objectives that I wanted to achieve through the app. Next, I created a competitor analysis of similar products and then moved onto creating user flows, an empathy map, and a journey map. I also sent out user surveys to artists who may be interested in this type of product. Once I had fully designed and prototyped mockups, I then performed remote unproctored usability tests.  All of this information can be seen below in my Project Phase document, also including app icon designs for IOS.

The most challenging part of this application was making its design stand out compared to competitors. The implementation of the wheel, or the “create” button, is what I believe mainly sets apart this app’s design as a tool like that is typically not present on IOS apps. I also designed it to have AR capabilities where users can take photos of their paintings after placing them in their real life space.